The Eastbourne Video and Video Creation Tools

Why an Eastbourne Video? It seems that everybody has a smartphone these days – so photos, selfies and videos are a part of daily life. Many images find their way onto social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to mention just a few!

Eastbourne’s Photogenic Landscapes

Eastbourne is a natural subject with its beautiful panoramic views across the town from Sovereign Harbour, along the promenade to Eastbourne Pier, and onto Holywell. Hikers can carry onto the Downs and along to Beachy Head, Belle Tout Lighthouse and Birling Gap. Inland there are many more stunning sights like the 360 degree panoramas on Butts Brow! So how do I go about creating a professional Eastbourne video?

use pics for your Eastbourne video such as butts brow view

Video Creation Tools

Images and Videos are often forgotten or, dare I say, of poor quality! With the advent of the Cloud, many images will be stored and never seen again. What a shame when there are many tools to enhance videos and photos. Why not convert photos into a movie? Perhaps your holiday snaps can be a memorable video family memory? In our case, we were looking for a video editor to create videos for our Eastbourne A to Z YouTube channel.

Android Smartphone Apps

In the past few months Video tools have been appearing in the Google Play Store. As the images are already on your phone (or accessible via the Cloud) where better to create your video masterpieces than with a phone app? Well yes, if it is easy, fast and intuitive.

WeVideo (Smartphone)

Wevideo produce a range of products for virtually all devices (available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and Chromebook). They have a have variety of plans offering more features, better resolution, and storage capacity. In this article, only “free” apps have been investigated – yes cheapskate!

After downloading the app it is relatively straight forward to add photos and videos, choose a “theme” and make a few tweaks. It is easy to share or upload to Youtube in quick time!

Of course, there are some restrictions with the free version – such as the branding but I would highly recommend the app for quickly creating an appealing video!


KineMaster is a video editor for Android smartphones. KineMaster provides a range of video editing functions including theme selection, scene changes, handwriting, stickers, background music and photo addition, which are used to create fun and exciting video content. This premium video editor helps smartphone users to experience the performance of video editors that are usually only available for PCs. Free but is has a watermark – the watermark is removed automatically when you subscribe to KineMaster but it is NOT expensive!! Worth trying or sure!

Adobe Premiere Clip

I was looking forward to trying the app as Adobe has a long established good reputation. Adobe claims “Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared”. Oh dear, how misleading! After downloading the app you need to sign in or in most cases to create a Adobe ID.  Problems started when trying to log in! Login appeared to be accepted but soon as you start to use the app it asks to login again, and then again …. Eventually, you get to a screen where you  can choose Freeform or Automatic. Hey, guess what I chose? Automatic, of course. From that point it is far from intuitive. After clicking the Share icon you discover how to publish & share, save to Gallery, Save to Creative Cloud or Publish to YouTube. Clear as mud. Whatever option you choose go make a coffee (or two, or three). Remember their claim “fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared” – you are joking. However, some users must have enjoyed the app as it has 4 stars in Google Play Store. Me ZERO stars – sorry!

As you can see the result of Automatic mode is terrrrrrible! Try a different product!

Windows 10 Store Apps

Moving on quickly, let us look at some of Windows apps available in the Windows Store. After a quick scan of the Video tools available Crazy Video Maker stood out – it had one of the highest star rankings (4 stars)

Crazy Video Maker

The blurb claims it “unleashes the power of imagination on the unsuspecting audience”, Wow.

It offers “embed wide range of creative text bubbles”, editing video with precision, addition of  soundtracks and mix with an original track. In addition, a mix of crazy effects and the ability to share on Facebook and YouTube.

Well it is easy to use and the functionality is quite good. So a vote from me! Find it in Windows Store.

Online Video Editors

My preference is for online tools as I do not like clogging up my computer too many apps. So I live Cloud apps and storage! One of my long term favourites is Animoto. I even had a subscription at one point! The free version is limited to 30 seconds and the branding is obtrusive.


So Animoto market this message “These are no cheesy video templates. Customise your video with one of nearly 50 beautiful styles. Plus styles and helpers for any video you want to make, be it for travel recaps, special occasions, memories with your family/kids, or your business.  Pick from over 1000 great soundtracks within a range of genres in our curated music library. Add some image captions and title cards to narrate your video, and spotlight them for more emphasis. We love typography, and we’ll animate anything you write beautifully.”

For short action packed professional videos you cannot go wrong with Animoto. It is easy to use, and time lags are minimal. – this appears to be totally free with no additional addons. Features include the ability to add your own music (free music is also provided as an alternative), movies and photos. You can also add Facebook photos and Images. Backgrounds: add stock photos and royalty free images as a background. Finally text overlays are possible. Unfortunately, the user interface is cluttered, and it takes some time to get up to speed. But it is worth persisting!

YouTube Video Editor

I have been using YouTube for years but how did I miss their Video Editor? You do need a Google account to use the Editor. Up front, this is going to be my choice for the future. In brief  it offers:

  • Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new video.
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths.
  • Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks.
  • Customise clips with special tools and effects.

Plus of course the ability to upload easily to Youtube. So easy to use, full of functionality and fast. What more could you want?

Summary: Video and Graphic Tools for a Professional Eastbourne Video

If you have any suggestions for Video Creation Tools – please add your comments.

PS. We use Canva for our graphics. With Canva you can design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts. Of course, it is online and free (you can pay for extra media that you use – cheap though!)

So are you going to be more creative and use some of your photos to make a video or even move existing dull videos into the Premier League. See you in Eastbourne creating your video masterpiece.

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